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At present, the Chengdu Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China and the Municipal people's Government attach great importance to the development of the music culture industry and are building Chengdu into an "international music city." In the conventional elegant music, pop music comprehensive environment, especially in talent packaging promotion, acting agents, production and other aspects, Chengdu is far behind Beijing, Shanghai and other cities.


Chengdu Performance&Arts Group and Chengdu Tiansheng Jingdian Culture and Media Co., Ltd firmly grasp the new field of electronic music, seize this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and devote themselves to building an electronic music brand -- PLAYHOUSE which can be replicated with local music cultural characteristics in Chengdu.



The completion of PLAYHOUSE Electronic Music Theater is a new initiative of Chengdu to build music city, and a new attempt to explore the development of Chengdu electronic music industry. We hope that through the implementation of a series of plans, more local music talents in Chengdu can be discovered and cultivated, and more excellent domestic and foreign music talents will be attracted and incubate music talent works in Chengdu.



On June 9, 2018, Chengdu Performance&Arts Group launched the first PLAYHOUSE Electronic Music Theaterin Asia. The theater is an indoor new concept electronic music entertainment platform integrating theme electronic music, theme activities, singer incubation and works display and has been operating at full capacity every night with its 2000 entries from the trial operation to the present so that even a single table can not be easily obtained.







Electronic music theme trainee singers + indoor theatre festival mode not only became a fashion music landmark attended by a huge slice of young people in Chengdu but also attracted international and domestic celebrities, musicians, music players, as well as guests from South Korea, Japan and other countries, plus many celebrities such as former Manchester United star Beckham and Wang Sicong, to name but a few. They were all highly impressed by the passion of the vibrant young people at the amazing PLAYHOUSE Electronic Music Theme Site.




2018年12月 亚博APP官网集团推出以国内首家PLAYHOUSE电音主题剧场为展演、孵化平台的“原创音乐创作、音乐人孵化、室内电音节打造”项目在全国评选中勇夺第一名,成功入选了《国家音乐产业优秀项目奖励计划入选名单》

In December 2018, Chengdu Performance&Arts Group launched the "original music creation, musician incubation, indoor electronic music festival creation" project with the first domestic PLAYHOUSE Electronic Music Theater as the exhibition and incubation platform, which won the first place in the national selection, and was successfully selected into the list of National Music Industry Excellent Project Award Program.



PLAYHOUSE Electronic Music Theme Theater is possessed of complete ability to incubate artists, providing support for electronic music talents. At present, it has reached cooperation with art colleges and universities in Chengdu, Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai and other places, and built PLAYHOUSE into a practice base as a platform for displaying outstanding music talents in colleges and universities. More than 300 young singers have taken turns on the PLAYH0USE stage, singing and displaying their original music works for live and Internet audiences.


At present, Chengdu Performance&Arts Group is planning to incubate PLAYHOUSE Electronic Music Theater and become the headquarter of PLAYHOUSE Electronic Music Theaterin Tianfu new district.

天府新区是青年人群的聚集地,拥有独特的 地理优势、政策优势、资源潜力、良好的投资环 和未来发展趋势。Play House国际电音剧场是流 量、时尚、产业效益的集合。若在天府新区建立 一座Play House国际电音剧场,那么有望成为成都与世界青年音乐人、顶尖艺人、明星团体化分享交流的先驱平台,让整个成都乃至中国洋溢着时尚之声。与此同时,在发展夜经济的同时,也为成都打造“世界文化名城、国际音乐之都”也就是“三城三都”的三年行动路线图扛鼎助力。

Tianfu new district is populous among youngpeople, with unique geographical and policy advantages, resource potential, good investment environment and future development trend. PLAYHOUSE International Electronic Theatre is a collection of flow, fashion and industrial benefits. If a PLAYHOUSE is established in Tianfu new district, it is expected to become a pioneer platform for Chengdu to share and communicate with the world's young musicians, top artists and stars in a group, making Chengdu and even China full of the sound of fashion. At the same time, while developing the night economy, it also plays a big role in building Chengdu into a "world famous cultural city and international music metropolis", also known as the "three cities and three metropolis" three-year action roadmap.






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